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Software Architects & System Developers

We design IT architectures & systems, like a craftsmen built Viking boats, for function, efficiency and above all for purpose.

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Author of "The Little Prince" and Aircraft Designer and Test Pilot
  • Formed: 8 Aug 2002
  • Years in Business:
  • Total Project Value: > $10.2 million
  • Based in: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Staff: 2
  • Associates: 12
  • Areas: IT Architecture, Software Development, IT Consultancy, Mentoring & Training

Although we are based in Malaysia, we have done projects in Qatar, Dubai, Sudan, Philippines, United States, Singapore and of course Malaysia.






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Core Team

Anthony Davie

Anthony Davie

Founder, Chief Executive Officer 

Syahrul Azrai Mat Hasan

Syahrul Azrai Mat Hasan

Assocciate Director (acting COO) 

We run a lean staffing policy, software companies live or die by on-going costs. Anthony, the founder, having gone through three recessions in his life, came up the strategy of a core team, that manages associates on the a project by project basis. We also came up with the strategy of we would define success by repeat business not volume of business. This is why we have survived 18 years.


Services We Provide

Strategic IT Services

What systems that are sustainable? That last long after you've left the company? That's what we do.

System Architecture Design

Designing software is like building a submarine. Nobody can tell you want the want, but they know what they don't want. The art is in creating a submarine the client needs and wants. Two totally different things!

Software Development

From web, to desktop: Java, Groovy, VueJS, C++, Modula-2, Python, Django or Laravel, whatever your favourite poison is, we've got you covered.

App Development

Native or Hybrid, SPA or SSR. App Development is a complex business. It's not just the tech, it is also the marketing and promotion of your app. Go to market strategies? We've got them.


We've conducted IT strategy courses from London, to Khartoum, to Kuala Lumpur - on topics ranging from Business Continuity Management to Strategic Architectures.


Want your team brought up to speed with the latest trends in tech? Want your senior managers to be able to understand what IT is talking about? Get in touch.


Samples of Our Work

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  • Projects
  • Consultancy

Xolas TMS


A Next generation Tower Management System. In live use for the last 3 years. More info on the Xolas website.



Gildas is a Universal Basic Income platform based on physical gold. More details are on the website.

Xolas.co M-Power


In collaboration the grant process of U.N. we've developed a next-gen a Sharing EconomyGig Platform.

LENZ Property Valuation


LENZ is a neural network based residential property valuation system, within 2% percent of a human valuer's responses.



Consultancy project to roll out CMS for IslamOnline.net (now part of al Jazeera), vendor selection done in 3 months, even the vendors not selected praised the system. Rolled out on time and on budget.

Standard Chartered


Multiple Projects: From Dividend Cheque Printing System, to e-LC which integrated with the 3270 mainframe and more.

Siber Hegner: ISO:9001


Multiple projects from DKSH, including getting the entire team ready for ISO:9001 certification.

CHM: Customer Excellence


Provided consultancy and development services for their first online customer questionnaire. Which launched at all 7 properties in Malaysia.

ADAX Event Management


Awarded by MDEC for use in ADAX, it included an innovative QR code registration facility.

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